Honkin’ on KEXP

I recently played saxophone on a session for Sonarchy Radio as the leader of Analog Honking Device. It was aired on KEXP 90.3 FM and is now available as a Sonarchy Radio Podcast. Here is the direct media link: Sonarchy Radio Session: Analog Honking Device Listen online in your browser -or- Download to your desktop: […]

Honkin’ in July

Right now in my life, I have several diverse interests that each take a lot of focus: web design, triathlon training, school, projects, family…and music. Sometimes it seems like the honking becomes way too infrequent in the mix. Then sometimes it takes over and I gladly indulge in the musical momentum. July has been a […]

Ruminatin’ on Women in Jazz

Over the weekend I attended the Ballard Jazz Walk and the Ballard Jazz Festival Mainstage concert. Kudos to Matt Jorgensen, John Bishop and all of the people who worked hard to produce yet another great year of the festival. I was pleased to see some Sisters included in the Brotherhood aspect of the festival and […]

Honkin’ at Sonarchy

In March I did another Sonarchy Radio session but this time as the leader of Analog Honking Device. I invited Chad McCullough to join in on trumpet and we had some freakish mind-meld moments. Again, we achieved my goal of creating music that was free yet structured, with a lot of interplay between the musicians. […]

Honkin’ at Wayward

Here are three videos from the Wayward Series Chapel Performance Space concert in January. The music was free yet structured, with a lot of interplay between the musicians. I was especially pleased with the sound of two basses (electric and acoustic) and two saxophones, and Chris was the perfect drummer to tie it all together. […]

Honkin’ in January

At the beginning of January, I played two gigs with Analog Honking Device and guest Brent Jensen. Musically they were a success and a lot of fun. I was especially pleased with the sound of two basses (electric and acoustic) at Wayward. The next night at Egan’s was a high energy, 90-minute set with piano, […]

Honkin’ with Kris Hartung

At the end of December I was invited by Brent Jensen to play on a Jack Straw Sonarchy Session with Kris Hartung from Boise, Idaho. Playing completely free improvised music is quite challenging…all jazz licks were shot on sight. This group of musicians from Boise really brought some

Chelsea Bridge at Paratii

Here is a video of me playing Chelsea Bridge at the Paratii jam session on December 17th, 2012. I’m completely in shadow but that’s me playing tenor sax with: Eric Verinde (piano), Dean Schmidt (bass), Jeff Busch (drums) Ernesto Pediangco and Tor Dietrichson (percussion)

Married at City Hall

(click on the photo to see a larger version) We were part of the first wave of same-sex weddings in Washington on December 9th, 2012. It was an amazing event and we couldn’t have planned a better wedding if we’d tried. We were one of 138 couples to get married at City Hall that day. […]