Honkin’ for Brazil

EntreMundos Jam SessionWell this is the year that the last of the baby boomers turn 50…including myself! To celebrate, I’ve been thinking of what to do to mark the half-century point in my life.

Lately the direction of my musical life has been headed towards Brazil. I’ve always loved Brazilian music and have gathered quite a collection of Brazilian CDs, MP3s, sheet music, and books. Over the last year I have been a regular at the Entre Mundos jam session on Monday nights — it has been a great way to connect with other Brazilian music aficionados, as well as test out the Brazilian “standards” that I’ve been learning to play.

The momentum in my life around Musica Brasileira has been building. In addition to the weekly jam session, I’ve been beefing up my repertoire of Choros and playing them whenever I get a chance. Recently I got back to playing the flute again regularly…because what is Brazilian Music without the flute?

If all continues to go well in this direction, I hope that this is the year I can go to  California Brazil Camp or possibly even the Choro Jazz Festival in Jericoacoara, Brazil.

Brazil for 50!


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