Honkin’ at Sonarchy

In March I did another Sonarchy Radio session but this time as the leader of Analog Honking Device. I invited Chad McCullough to join in on trumpet and we had some freakish mind-meld moments. Again, we achieved my goal of creating music that was free yet structured, with a lot of interplay between the musicians. Here are some videos from the session.

Analog Honking Device
Doug Haire’s Sonarchy Radio Session at Jack Straw Studio
Seattle WA, March 16, 2013

Cynthia Mullis (tenor sax), Chad McCullough (trumpet)
Steve Kim (electric bass), Chris Symer (acoustic bass), Chris Icasiano (drums)

These videos are just a reference so be sure to check out the excellent audio recording engineered by Doug Haire when it becomes available sometime this summer. I’m really happy with the result and I plan to spend some time mixing it and releasing it.

This performance was more compact than the Wayward concert — we performed 7 tunes in an hour — and the biggest challenge was keeping things moving for the sake of a radio recording. Once again, the shifting roles between Steve Kim on electric bass and and Chris Symer on acoustic bass was intriguing, as was the energy, groove and texture contributed by Chris Icasiano. The melodic interaction with Chad was a blast! I love this kind of playing: kind of free, kind of inside…a true seat-of-the-pants musical adventure.

About Sonarchy Radio:
Sonarchy is recorded live in the studios at Jack Straw Productions, Seattle. Doug Haire is the producer and mixes these live shows.This hour long broadcast features new music and sound art made in the Pacific Northwest. Listen for the broadcast airing on , Seattle (90.3 fm) every Sunday evening at midnight (PST). The show is available in it’s entirety for two weeks following the broadcast in several streaming audio formats.  Shows are also available as podcasts shortly after they air by visiting the archives at Sonarchy Podcasts and Sonarchy Radio

Bemsha Swing

Freedom Jazz Dance

Jitterbug Waltz

Alone Together

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