Analog Honking Device

Analog Honking Device performs music based on the modern jazz repertoire approached with a free and open, improvisatory, experimental aesthetic. Except for a rough list of tune possibilities, nothing is discussed beforehand. Compositions are explored intuitively based what each band member brings to the table from their own musical experience. The result is a seat-of-the-pants musical adventure that veers between the inside and outside parameters of the jazz experience.

Chapel Performance Space, Seattle WA, January 3, 2013
Cynthia Mullis (tenor sax), Brent Jensen (soprano sax)
Steve Kim (electric bass), Chris Symer (acoustic bass), Chris Icasiano (drums)

Sonarchy Radio Session at Jack Straw Studio, Seattle WA, March 16, 2013
Cynthia Mullis (tenor sax), Chad McCullough (trumpet)
Steve Kim (electric bass), Chris Symer (acoustic bass), Chris Icasiano (drums)

Bemsha Swing (Sonarchy)

Witch Hunt (Sonarchy)

Freedom Jazz Dance (Sonarchy)

Freedom Jazz Dance (Chapel)

Jitterbug Waltz (Sonarchy)

Jitterbug Waltz (Chapel)

Alone Together (Sonarchy)

Anonymous Bossa (Chapel)