Other Recordings






Sonarchy Radio Session

Recorded live in the studios at Jack Straw Productions by Doug Haire for Sonarchy Radio. Cynthia Mullis (tenor sax), Chad McCullough (trumpet) Steve Kim (electric bass), Chris Symer (acoustic bass), Chris Icasiano (drums). { Listen… }

Witch Hunt

Recorded by Daniel McGillicuddy at the Paratti Jam Session in December 2011. Cynthia Mullis (tenor sax), Dean Schmidt (bass), Eric Verlinde (piano), Jeff Busch (drums). { Listen… }


Recorded in Seattle, 2008. Cynthia Mullis (flute!), Dean Schmidt (bass), Eric Verlinde (piano), Chris Stromquist (drums). Out head only { Listen… }

Chelsea Bridge

Recorded in NYC, 1996. Cynthia Mullis (tenor sax), Sheryl Bailey (guitar), Mary Ann McSweeney (bass), Scott Neumann (drums). { Listen… }

Diva Jazz Orchestra :: You Stepped Out of A Dream

Recorded at IAJE in NYC, January, 1998. My solo is the first one after the melody. Original recording from a reference tape made by Stanley Kaye and later digitized. { Listen… }