Honkin’ & Coffeeneurin’

I completed the 6th Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge this fall. What is Coffeeneuring, you ask? Coffeeneuring is a play on the concept of Randonneuring. Originated by the folks at Chasing Mailboxes, the Coffeeneuring Challenge is an informal cycling endeavor for people who enjoy riding a bike and drinking coffee. 

Honkin’ Like a Butterfly

I recently got a message via Facebook from my high school friend Terrie Ocker (now Terrie Barrow). She said that the coverage of Muhammad Ali’s death made her think of me. My initial response was “Really? Why?” but before I hit send, I realized why she would associate me with Ali.

Honkin’ on Pro Zeca

Not Prozac. Pro Zeca…a tune by Victor Assis Brasil. This is from my performance at Jazz Vespers in Seattle. Here I’m playing tenor sax with Dean Schmidt (electric bass), Jeff Busch (drums), and Julio Jauregui (piano). Vocalist Adriana Giordano was also on this concert and I’ll post some of those videos soon.

Honkin’ on Hartley

Walter Hartley’s piece for three bass saxophones and piano: “Abase: So Low (it can’t be published)” with Jay Easton, Scott Granlund and Ward Baxter. This was performed at a party celebrating the 200th birthday of Adophe Sax. The saxophone is such a bad-ass instrument!

Honkin’ on the Solstice

I love summer…or Triathlon Season as I now call it. The sun comes up at 5:11am and sets at 9:11pm. It’s light when I get up early and it’s still light when I take the puppy out at 10pm. The light energizes me and I feel at my most inspired, motivated and creative best this […]

Honkin’ for Brazil

Well this is the year that the last of the baby boomers turn 50…including myself! To celebrate, I’ve been thinking of what to do to mark the half-century point in my life. Lately the direction of my musical life has been headed towards Brazil. I’ve always loved Brazilian music and

Honkin’ in October

I played an arsenal of saxophones, clarinet and flute on two really cool performances this month. These Earshot Jazz Festival concerts were with the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra and the Cornish Contemporary Big Band…two groups that are doing good work in keeping the modern jazz big band flourishing into the 21st century. Ingrid Jensen and […]