Farm Reflection Pt. 2

Georgia kudzu

I come from a family of farmers and military people. I considered joining the military twice in the 1990s. Both times I was interested in the military bands. Both times I realized that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was not going to work in my favor. It’s still possible that I could become a farmer though.

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Honkin’ on a Hard Rock (Biking Pt. 1)

I was darn pleased with myself for riding my bicycle to my favorite early-morning AA meeting for the first time. As I locked up my bike with my mega-strength U-lock and headed towards the door at two minutes ‘til 7:00, it dawned on me that the journey to this particular meeting began almost thirty years ago during a missed encounter with twelve-step recovery. Continue reading

Honkin’ on Pro Zeca

Not Prozac. Pro Zeca…a tune by Victor Assis Brasil.

This is from my performance at Jazz Vespers in Seattle. Here I’m playing tenor sax with Dean Schmidt (electric bass), Jeff Busch (drums), and Julio Jauregui (piano). Vocalist Adriana Giordano was also on this concert and I’ll post some of those videos soon.