Farm Reflection Pt. 3

This is my farm plan based on my presentation for the Urban Farming class at the UW. I consider this project to be a starting point for my exploration in urban farming and gardening. It is a summary of what I’ve learned and observed this spring. 

The space and the spouse.

Mission Statement

The Cynthia & Carolyn Farm is a Lesbian-owned, hyper-local, small scale, organic vegetable garden, located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

Primary Goals:

  • Learning to grow food
  • Increasing our vegetable consumption
  • Expanding our knowledge of plant biology
  • Connecting with nature in our urban environment

This plan has three phases:

  1. Plan the garden (2021)
  2. Volunteer at the UW Farm for experience
    and volunteer at the Ballard P-Patch for community (2021)
  3. Implement the garden for spring 2022

The yard and the garden:

  • Yard  faces south and gets ample sunlight from morning to late afternoon.
  • Yard is level with no noticeable slope.
  • Yard is level with no noticeable slope.
  • Soil is sandy clay loam.
  • I’ve been inspired by the P-Patches I’ve visited.
  • Most plots are in the 5×10 ft. range.
  • I’ve decided on a similar scale of one 5×10 bed @ 50 sq. ft.
  • Height is 24 inches off ground (easier to work in).
  • Build the raised bed from cedar which lasts longer. 
  • It is possible to purchase a modular kit. 
  • DO NOT use treated lumber or composite plastic (toxins)

Soil and Nutrition:

  • Buy compost from Cedar Grove (a half yard).
  • Use organic fertilizer as needed.
  • Use other soil if needed (imported from?)
  • Start a compost bin.
  • Use cover crops (fall & winter) to replenish soil nutrients & protect the soil.
  • Rotate crops.
  • Possibly start a worm bin.
  • Note: no bees or chickens


  • There is easy access to water from spigot on the side of the house.
  • In the beginning, I will be hand watering via sprinkler and hose.
  • Pay attention to what is the correct amount and water as needed.
  • Later, I could expand to a drip watering system, especially if I wanted to add more beds


  • Pest Problems
  • Human Problems:
    Time & energy
    Travel plans
    Work & hobbies

What is missing…?

Plants and planting plan.

I have a lot of information and notes but I’m still figuring out what I want to grow. I couldn’t quite get it together to figure this part out. Definitely a work in progress.

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